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With piss and vinegar

What the fuck is wrong with people? Bullying people into submission is the bees knees? Really? Your life is so meaningless that you have to post death threats and fucked up rumors about someone you don’t know in order to sleep at night.

Or is it that you’re really not getting any sleep and your cranky ass has to take it out on someone.

Fuckin get a life douchebags! (douchebag douchebag douchebag)(obscure Metalocalypse reference)

So, why am I all bent out of shape? Because of a recent post on ittybiz.com.Naomi Dunford is being attacked by a hate group that is seriously threatening her life. And, add this to the already useless Christian douchebags who have launched a smear campaign against her and Dave Navarro. WTF? Do people have so much time on their hands that they have to ruin someone else’s life?

I guess so.

Get your rocks off. Go ahead. I guarantee not one of you will be given the golden ticket at the end of life (for those who care about that) or the amazingness that is true happiness.

Jsyk, true happiness doesn’t come from other peoples misery, no matter how much you think it’s helping them (it’s clearly not and if you think this is any way to get your husband back, you’re delusional). True happiness, the kind that makes you tingle, leaves a permagrin on your face and attracts people to you (whether you like it or not, this happens) comes from helping people and building them up. Breaking people down just ruins your chances at ever going to heaven (dumbass) and keeps you in a constant state of flux, killing you slowly until you have a heart attack while masturbating to dogs fucking in your neighbors yard. That will be the worlds only respite from your vindictive bullshit. Oh praise the day!

So, any way you look at it, your life is a waste as you brought people down with you. Thanks for being awesome. Now to figure out how to get your Internet taken away. Being human, you’re doing it wrong.

disclaimer: this post was edited as it was written in a burst of fiery rage and vehement anger. There may be errors. Fuck off.


Facebook Sell Outs

I have been following marketing and business blogs for a few years now and have found an increasing amount of them using Facebook as their bulletin board for the past year. It’s gotten so bad lately that EVERY email I get is from someone who pimps their Facebook page in at least half of their emails.

I want to see a marketing guru who doesn’t use Facebook and doesn’t give free advertising to this obscene website. I swear they’ve all sold out to this monster of a man, Mark Zuckerburg. I want to see one social networking class, info-product or blog post that doesn’t recommend Facebook.

Alright. I can admit seeing anti-Facebook proponents a few times. But they’re not loud enough. They need to make bigger waves. Because this pond has gotten way too big and those tiny ripples are not getting MZ’s attention in the slightest.

It’s seriously driving me nuts.

I have almost unsubscribed from more than a few of those newsletters. One journaling class I subscribe to I haven’t attended since she let everyone know where the support forum is held – Facebook.

And why does my phone automatically correct facebook to Facebook? Seriously Steve, WTF? That word should be marked as misspelled every time. (blogging from my phone)

So, anywho. I’m just sick and tired of all this Facebook nonsense. I don’t want to come back. I’ve been away for a very happy, very productive 15 months. I don’t miss it, though I do feel left out. I will never return to it and if Google+ fucks up their privacy settings, I’m leaving that network as well.

Facebook, don’t learn from your patrons, just die already. Go the way of myspace and become obsolete. For the benefit of the world. For the benefit of our sanity.

Oh and it should be illegal for you to get fired based on images and personal sites on the web. It should be covered under the same laws as the disability act. Not really, but you get what I’m saying. One phrase: my personal life does not affect my business life, therefor my personal life should not be a hiring determinant.

I could go on, but I won’t. I’m accepting trackbacks and twitter comments, so if you have a response, be sure to use the permalink at the top of the page. Thanks.