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New Purpose for Brooklyne’s Chaos

I have found lately that I need a venting place. I need somewhere to talk about the Casey Anthony trial and the failure that is Facebook – amongst other things. A need that isn’t really being met right now.

I’ve contemplated connecting it to my current projects or remaining anonymous and only allowing a ghost of a connection. I mean, some of you know who I am and what I do. Some of you would even forgive my very strong opinions. I know a few who even like them. But that’s the thing, I have VERY strong opinions and tend to express them as the end all that be all opinion.

I don’t believe that for 1 minute. If anything at all, I’m tolerant of others opinions. I just don’t express it very well when stating my own opinion. Not everyone understands that and will be extensively damaged by my rants. Or, actually, my reputation in their eyes would be extensively damaged.

So, still thinking about how I want to go about this. I would, of course, clean all craft posts and current links to my other sites off the blog. Also, set it up with member only commenting. My opinions are strong and I need to protect myself from the whackjobs who take other peoples opinions as a personal attack.

As far as updates go, this being just a sounding board, I can’t guarantee how often I’ll post. I will say, though, that if I write two posts in one day, I’ll schedule the second one where relevant.

So, that’s it. Brooklyne’s Chaos is no longer about a chaotic studio full of crafts and ideas, but about a chaotic ranting of an opinionated woman.

Thanks for visiting. Hope all is well where you are.