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I have been trying out cheaper embroidery software lately. One of them is called Buzz Edit. It seems like a reasonable program at first. Splitting a design seems only a matter of understanding the program. You can design your own extremely simple embroidery designs because layering colors is not something this program does. You can set up an image in the background workspace, but goodluck trying to copy anything that has any detail. I can go on, but I really didn’t give the program much of a chance after, in drawing mode, I tried to close the program and it kept drawing as I clicked and clicked on the x button. Bad programming. Bad!

Being an Adobe products user, I have higher standards of programs. They must do what I want and if they don’t it’s because it can’t be done. Closing a program is one of those things that should be indiscrimnate of what is happening within the program, sans pop-up messages. A little pop-up asking you to save should be the last thing you click out of before leaving the program abruptly. This program wouldn’t even acknowledge that I was clicking the x button.

I don’t recommend spending the money on this program unless you only want to split designs and have the patience to worked with poor programming. If you would like to create beautiful, detailed, layered work… try something else.

I’m assuming here that it’s the price that has made the program bad. I really shouldn’t do that. I mean Adobe has money and influence to attract the best programmers around. It’s understandable that their programs have so much depth. This little basement operation is someone’s blood, sweat and tears. I get that, but until this person fixes simple issues, like a working all the time x button, then he will not get my business. I’m still looking.