Brooklyne’s Chaos is the bastard child of need and want. Seriously. I need a place to vent so I want to vent here. Meh. Sounds fabricated? What more do you want? This is an opinion blog!

So, here’s my disclaimer:

I do not believe my opinion is the only valid opinion. I understand that when expressing my opinion I may come off as someone who thinks their opinion is written in stone. I’m realistic. I’m not masochistic. Ok. Maybe a little. But comments are turned off for a reason. I cannot allow any and every whackjob to post their written in stone opinion on my posts.

Now, as unfair as that sounds, you are more than welcome to write an eloquent response on YOUR blog as I will allow trackbacks in posts. I just don’t care to allow anonymity to run rampant as assholes and illiterates post and run.

Also, I tend to use words exactly as they are defined. Some definitions are old school — like my definition of ‘trolls’ (Yeah, that’s a piece to be written soon). So, if you’re not sure what I mean by a word, I recommend dictionary.com. I tend to use that site a lot to be sure I’m saying exactly what I mean. Also, I’m not stopping to explain terminology, except where appropriate, so you should also bookmark urbandictionary.com as well. And while you’re at it, if you’re not running every question through google, you should.

Alright. That’s it. (for now) I hope everything is well where you are. Peace and hair grease.


What say you?

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