Anything worth doing…

… is worth doing well.

It’s a pretty good way to go about things and yet we all struggle with it.

I can’t seem to grasp the one or three things I like to do. I have WAY too many hobbies, interests and ooh shiny!

I’m easily distracted to put it lightly. OR digging a little deeper you can say I have a fear of commitment and tend to avoid responsibility. ouch! That’s some serious mudslinging.

Now, when I say I avoid responsibility, I really mean, not allowing myself to be so successful that I would be held accountable to tasks that I don’t really want to do but responsibility would dictate otherwise. Meh. It’s dirty. It’s mudslinging. And I’m sick of being that way.

A little while ago I wrote down my dream life. It contained many of the things I admire in other people as well as a mastering of the things I do best right now. If only. I am capable of doing these things by themselves but can’t seem to do them concurrently. My life would be so much prettier.

But is that what I really want out of life, to be wrapped up in a presentable package and live a beautiful life? Maybe not. Maybe just comfortable. But what is comfortable for Brooklyne?

I think it has something to do with a loft in a city, a large shower, ovaltine, walking everywhere, jogging in the park and three week vacations. It may even include some volunteer work, one passionate hobby and a few rats to love on.

Ideal lives usually stay that way. Ideals equate to untouchable reality and daydreaming through our current tangible reality.

So, what to do now?

Thinking about where my life is, how I utterly destroy things, how I’m miserable and ugly right now, and how I don’t need pity, help or even comments. I just need to work through this fucked up situation in this fucked up town in this fucked up country. It’s all fucked up!

I scoff at be happy where you’re at. It’s laughable when you’ve had friends get beaten by husbands (to serve and protect) and whole cities destroyed by idiots hired to search for WMD’s. Are they supposed to be happy where they’re at? It’s a bullshit answer by bullshit people who know nothing about living real.

I don’t want to live in my ideal bubble if I end up living detached from reality. But in order for the ideal circumstances to come to fruition, it needs to bring with it an ideal world. Es no possible.

So, if anything worth doing (like life) is worth doing well, and if living in an ideal circumstance requires the ideal world detachment, then it’s not really worth doing. Is it? So that phrase doesn’t apply to generalities.

But what about specifics? I crochet. Been doing it for 25 years. The stitches make or break the quality of a project. If crochet is worth doing, then it’s obviously worth doing well.

Same goes for each bullet point. Even though the grander picture can’t be approached with this model, the smaller parts can be.

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