Sharing your web address: you’re doing it wrong

Why this bugs the shit out of me, I’ll never know!

When I’m anywhere that people are able to share their web address, I get to see how dumb people really are. Not only with the blatant misuse of quite (meant to be quiet) and the confusing then and than syndrome, but with typo’d web addresses.

A common mistype is

Now, browsers are smart and they know how to redirect such retarded over typing, but in the end what matters is you look like a complete dolt.

Oh, I know it’s harsh, but you have exactly one chance to make a first impression. This one simple thing can help you and not hinder you. As well as give you four extra characters on twitter. And we all like an extra four letter word!

The correct way to type that is

See? I dropped the www because It’s unnecessary. Brooklynechaos is a sub-domain of Just like brooklynechaos is also a sub-domain of Etsy. That would be written as NEVER

What about the http?

Well, if it must be included, this is how it’d look: or (don’t ask me why my autocorrect keeps capitalizing Etsy, it just is)

So, in conclusion, my first impression of people who over-type their web address is that they have no idea what they’re doing and probably still need help wiping their ass. I’d think twice (or thrice) before buying from them and wouldn’t recommend their products for fear of looking stupid by association.

Disclaimer: typo’s happen, consistency is key.

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