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I’ve noticed, in the past year, that I’ve all but given up the way I used to eat. Whole grains, veggies, fast food once a month, yogurt, Asian food, kefir, fresh fruit… you know, the good stuff. Instead I’ve been eating instant oatmeal, fast food twice a week, canned fruit and cereal w/ more than a few ingredients in it. I even have cookies, chips and ice cream in the house regularly. What the fuck happened?!?!?

This has gotten ridiculous. Something needs to switch back to the way it was when I was single. I don’t want to raise my kids in a complacent household.

My friend Kandi over at Scrumpture has started an eat better challenge. It’s a great idea. And though she’s not comfortable calling it a challenge, those first few months will be.

Getting out of the habit of eating bad is easy for the first couple weeks. I know I’ve quit sugar, HFCS, soy, milk, dairy, canned fruit, canned beans, canned veggies, chips, meat and pastries. I’m back on everything except the HFCS, milk and soy. And the only reason I don’t do milk is because I’m breastfeeding and my daughter doesn’t tolerate cow milk proteins well. So, a month or two later, when you feel like you’ll always eat healthy, a bad food will make it home with you. You will excuse it “just this once”. Then, 6 months to a year down the road, something will make it back into your daily diet. It’s inevitable – unless you foresee it. I’m living proof!

If you know you will slip, you’re less likely to. Does that make sense? Only in a Murphy’s Law kind of world, I suppose. If you foresee the slip, you’ll prepare for it. You’ll self-talk your way out of the slip instead of excusing your way deeper into it. Ah! Making more sense? I did major in psyche for a couple quarters (haha)!

Be prepared to slip is all I’m saying. It’s not defeatist or a self proclaimed prophecy. It’s preparing for a disaster. Remember in the 80’s when your parents had jugs and jugs of water in the pantry to prepare for an emergency that never happened? Well, that’s what your expected slip is. You’re preparing, saving up water for a possible disaster.

Will you take the challenge? Will you make a decision to eat better for you today? I’m not here to tell you how to do that. It’s your choice to pick what you’re willing to leave behind and what your willing to take up. I could sit here and tell you exactly how to eat. How your body metabolizes food and how moderation is your best friend and fat-free is your enemy. I could, but I won’t. You’re grown. You’re searching the web and finding my blog. You know what you should do. Just do it!

I planted a garden this spring out of a yearning for something healthier in my life. Was it conscious? No. I didn’t say to myself one day that I will plant a garden this spring so I can eat better. I actually made an excuse that I wanted to feed my brand new baby girl better food than that jarred crap. I was yearning for it and made the best excuse possible to follow through with it. Kinda backwards, but I ate well for 13 years. I have slowly been feeling like shit for the past two years. And it’s been the past two years that my diet has turned to crap and my movement has all but halted. I’m unhealthy. I’m overweight. I’m aging quicker. This is not a coincidence. I am ready for a change.

It’s been slow going. I’ve been moving more. Started a push-up, sit-up and squat challenge. I will not give up on those even if it’s been four days since my last set of reps. I can’t let that happen.

Slow and steady wins the race. Sometimes. I’m hoping this time it’s true.

So, (I say “so” a lot) what are you doing to feel better? What are you adding and what are you releasing? Share in the comments below.

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