Is it me?

Or does it seem unreasonable to insist that your partner refrain from all alcohol consumption and looking at porn just because you’re pregnant? I’ve read this on a few sites and in a few books and am completely disgusted with the encouragement women are getting to monitor and change their partner. You fell in love with a porn watching, alcohol drinking man. Why insist that he can no longer have these things while you’re pregnant? Oh and using pregnancy as an excuse to exert this obscene control just irks me. 

Am I the only one? I know my views are very different from the average woman, but I just wonder if anyone else rolls their eyes at this advice. I can ignore the advice willingly, but I’m aware that some women take this information as a green light to control their partner, and that’s what really gets my blood boiling. 

Any promotion of manipulative ball and chain behavior seems out of line and backwards thinking. Have we come this far in the sex wars to find that we are still dependent on men being a certain way to be happy with ourselves? Can we just be happy with ourselves without outside influence? 

My partner ADDs to my life. I hope yours does too. 

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One response to “Is it me?

  • Rachel

    I’m right there with you. Women that do that give the rest of us women a bad light. Why would it be okay anyother time but not when your pregnant?? i mean really. The man has needs too. I’d rather he watch/look at porn and drink then go off and get with another woman (wich unfortunetly happens because of the woman trying to be controling once they are pregnant).
    We are strong independant women, and you are so right, your partner should “add” to your life. Mine surely does. We are great as two individual people and that’s what makes us love eachother, together we are awesome!. Nither trying to control the other. That’s the way it should be, a partnership. Not a “my way or the high way”. That just get you alone and unhappy.

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