Ihave been blogging for almost a year. I believe March is my anniversary month and is creeping up fast. I hoped to be further along in my blogging goals. It relaxes me to write a well written sentence and to learn from the poorly written ones. So it pangs me to say that I haven’t written for awhile AND haven’t stuck with my original schedule.

I‘ve been working through a lot. I reopened my Etsy shop in April of last year to only be completely frustrated with the lack of sales and interest in the items I have listed. No amount of the marketing I did for over 6 months amounted to anything tangible. I’ve increased my original 3 sales in 2007 to 13 in 2009. I have only had 6 sales total between 2 shops [ArtFire and Etsy] over a period of 6 months. It has been a waste of good energy and time I could be using to create an amazing product.

So, last month, I stopped listing completely. Well, not completely, Artfire WAS offering a free for life account for anyone who listed between 950,000 and 999,999. How could I resist listing a few things? Other than that little gamble, I haven’t listed because I wanted to concentrate on my product. I tweaked and ran numbers on all of this seasons bags. I searched and researched the best fabric to use, the best vendors to shop with and the next move I want to make. Listing items was a negative priority. It wasn’t even the lowest, it was 0 minus 2 on the priority list. lol.

Deciding which direction I wanted to go was probably the hardest decision I had to make. There were a lot of factors involved and a culmination of events that finally led to the end decision: to minimize my online presence as much as possible and maximize my presence in the community. A driveby posting  in a thread I was in led me to a blog post that detailed why one person left Etsy.

“And I also dont want to spend my time and energy promoting Etsy; does it make sense to direct my contacts to a site where they can leave my shop and enter a competitive mall of artistic offerings?”- Chickory

This statement is what triggered me to leave Etsy entirely and to stop straddling the damn fence. She makes a lot of really good points, but this is what clicked for me and why I should just leave it. Like you tell a dog: “LEAVE IT!!” Damn it, and I mean it this time! lol

What am I to do now? Well, that is where I get all excited and start talking about art fairs, street fairs, local venues and networking. I love community. I love getting involved and doing things that impact my community and neighborhood. When I do sell a bag, brooch, embroidered tea towel, altered clothing, barrette, or anything else I might make, it’s all local. Though my online stores have crapped on me, my local selling has soared and is still rising. I look forward to a future where the only time I spend online is to connect with the ones I care about, play a few games and conduct research. Gone is the way of the online marketing/business/time waster for me. I’m on to greener pastures to connect with real people and real events. This is where my passion lies and I’m ready to move on it.

In the end, a decision has been made and I’m looking forward to all that that entails. See ya!

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