I was avoiding and stressing about making these gifts that are going in the mail tomorrow. Over half the package was finished, there was just something missing. I totally knew what it was, I just dreaded making them. You see, I have a fear of failure AND a fear of success. I am afraid of being a flop AND not living up to others expectations. They balance each other out to keep me paralyzed a good part of the time.

To get around this, because Brooklyne is not a lazy girl, I tend to do a lot of self talk to get projects out of my head. I love designing. I love creating. But formulating an idea and tending to it to make it look, feel and represent the way I imagined it, is a tall order. I think this same issue is why I don’t stick to one craft for very long.

So, today, while avoiding making the gifts, I decided to try an idea for a craft show coming this summer. If it didn’t work, I’d put the idea away and think of something else. The thing is, it worked! It totally worked. The items came out amazing and I’ll probably be making a bunch more. Not sure about listing them online, as my artfire shop doesn’t get much play and Etsy is too expensive for someone who doesn’t have sales. I digress.

Oh, and I finished the gifts. I finally kicked my own arse and finished them. They turned out like something I’ve never made before. Eh, being lopsided is cute. I refuse to fret over these. I’ve seen worse. Now onto the rest of the gifts for the family.

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